Make The Most Of Your Natural Fragrance

Natural fragrances reigned supreme until the early 1900's and were a luxury reserved for the wealthy and revered for their spiritual properties. Even today, ancient tombs are being discovered with bottles of Patchouli perfume.

As we enter a new era and crave more of a connection with the natural world, a renewed sense of excitement for essential oil parfums is here thanks to their tremendous healing benefits and complexity. 

The first thing I noticed when switching from synthetic fragrances to natural ones was the amount of time the fragrance lasts on the skin. Below are a few tricks that help me get the most out of essential oil fragrances!

Go Fragrance-Free

Using naturally fragranced or fragrance-free products whenever possible helps reduce nose blindness. You'll become more sensitive to the surrounding world in no time!

Get Wet

Skin drinks in ingredients post-shower and when it's moisturized, parfum oil sticks more easily. Apply the fragrance on hydrated, exfoliated skin to extend longevity.

The Hotter The Better

The pulse points on our bodies are slightly hotter, so adding fragrance to these areas diffuses the scent further. I love putting parfum oil behind my ears because it's super hot back there and you quickly gain the most healing benefits from the plant in this area.

No Rubbing

Press the fragrance into the skin and never rub because this will crush the top notes.

Good Shade

Store your essential oils in a cool, dark area for maximum potency. 


Woods walking is one of my favorite ways to decompress. Focus on the fragrances surrounding you to fine tune your sense of smell. To further connect to your essential oils, aromatherapist and the nose behind Le Petit Skunk, Ixchel Leigh, recommends meditating on the scent and asking yourself 3 questions:

        + What do I feel when I smell this essential oil?

        + Do any pictures or images come to me?

        + How does this benefit or balance me?

Let us know how these tips work for you and feel free to connect with advice of your own :) 

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