Make The Most Of Your Natural Fragrance

Natural fragrances reigned supreme until the early 1900's when synthetics were developed and favored for their consistency and lower cost. As we enter a new era, naturals are once again back and prized for their healing properties. The first thing I noticed when I switched from using synthetic fragrances to completely natural ones was the amount of time the fragrance lasts on the skin. Below are a few tricks that help me get the most out of my essential oil fragrances!

Go Fragrance-Free

Using naturally fragranced or fragrance-free products whenever possible helps people become less nose blind and more sensitive to the natural world surrounding them. It’s a nice feeling to be able to smell and identify the plants you’re walking by :)

Apply After Showering

Your skin drinks in ingredients post-shower and when skin is moisturized, parfum oil sticks more easily. Apply the fragrance on hydrated, exfoliated skin after washing up to allow the essence to last longer. 

Apply on Pulse Points

Natural perfumer // aromatherapist, Ixchel Leigh, and the nose behind our Le Petit Skunk Parfum Oil taught me that pulse points on our bodies are slightly hotter so adding your parfum to these areas diffuses the fragrance further. I love putting parfum oil behind my ears because this area allows you to quickly gain the most healing benefits.

Don’t Crush The Top Notes

Press the fragrance into the skin and remember to never rub your wrists together because this crushes the top notes and actually changes the composition of the fragrance.

Base Notes

These are the last fragrance notes identifiable on the skin. Le Petit Skunk was specifically formulated with tenacious essential oils that have more pungent lasting power.