Scents and Their Relation To Spirituality

The nose behind Le Petit Skunk, Ixchel Leigh, is an aromatherapist and natural perfumer whose intuition is woven into the fabric of her business. Filled with wisdom, Ixchel’s book titled Aromatic Alchemy: Recipes for Transformation teaches readers about the soul essence of plants and how each essential oil has both an aromatic and spirit profile that are all interconnected with our Chakras.

When the idea of Le Petit Skunk originated, I was living in So. Cal in the midst of the pandemic and scared sh*tless, so the idea that I could control my energy centers felt very comforting to me. This feeling inspired a lot of the fragrance notes because they protect your energy and boost creativity and intuition. Isn’t a great imagination what manifesting good things for yourself is all about?

Below are the spirit profiles of essential oils found in our signature Le Petit Skunk Parfum along with their corresponding Chakras and crystals according to the Fragrance Alkemist, Ixchel Leigh, which will help you get the most benefits out of this fragrance:

Combining essential oils with crystals is a great way to maximize their healing benefits. Use garnet to reignite passion for life and try writing down things you love doing while holding the crystal in your non-dominant hand. The Root Chakra is in balance when you feel grounded, stable, and reliable. Grounding base note Patchouli celebrates individuality and connects to self-expression while Vetiver’s earthy aroma is perfect for empaths as it protects the energy body. Tagetes allows stress to ease away with a beautiful green aroma.

Carnelian helps to unlock creative potential and you can do this by getting centered and holding the crystal in your hands, repeating your own mantra for creativity 3 times. Jasmine is a sweet and unique aphrodisiac that balances feminine (yin) and masculine energy (yang) and Cardamom is a spice that attracts love and stirs up creative energies.

Turquoise heals, renews, and regenerates body, mind, and spirit and is associated with the Third Eye Chakra. Carrot Seed gives Le Petit Skunk its animalic, earthy scent, increases the free-flow of energy between the Chakras, and promotes intuition. Coriander is a delicious spice that is known to stimulate libido and connects to the sixth Chakra. 

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