Le Petit Skunk Parfum Oil
Le Petit Skunk Parfum Oil
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Le Petit Skunk Parfum Oil

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Exotic + spicy aphrodisiac with a smoky, woody dry-down. 

A complex parfum oil composed with ten high vibrational essential oils, each fragrance note was specially selected and hand blended to create an energetic shield for the wearer. Get grounded and promote peace, love, creativity, focus, and third eye awakening with this all natural, animalic fragrance.

Spicy, green top notes of Tagetes and Galangal Root fade into earthy Carrot Seed Oil. Aphrodisiacs Jasmin Sambac and the warm spices of Cardamom and Coriander sit over a rooty, woody, and resinous base of Vetiver, Patchouli, Arborvitae, and Fossilized Amber.

Housed within a classic perfume bottle, all essential oils are blended within organic Jojoba Oil. 100% vegan.

How to use:

Set intention, apply on pulse points and inhale. Exhale + manifest.

(50ML // 1.6oz)

Top Notes:

Tagetes - Peace out anxiety! Let stress drift away with the fruity, green aroma of Tagetes.

Galangal Root - Spicy extract from this tropical plant helps promote focus and clarity.

Middle Notes:

Jasmine Sambac - This floral aphrodisiac balances feminine (yin) and masculine energy (yang).

Carrot Seed* - Allow this animalic, wet earth aroma to assist with third eye awakening, intuition, and the free flow of energy.

Cardamom* - A warm, libido-enhancing spice that helps remove blockages towards love and creativity.

Coriander* - Lightly sweet and balsamic-woody, this aphrodisiac assists with intentions and manifestations.

Base Notes:

Arborvitae - Better than a breath of fresh air, this woody cleansing agent inspires ultimate tranquility.

Vetiver* - A must-have for empaths, Vetiver’s pungent, rooty, and smoky aroma acts as a psychic shield, protecting the energy body from outside forces.

Patchouli* - Supremely earthy and sensual, Patchouli helps celebrate individuality and self-expression with a familiar grounding scent.

Fossilized Amber - Leathery and comforting like a crackling wood fire, this resinous dry distillation from a 35 million year old fossilized Himalayan tree helps make room for light within.

(* indicates organic ingredient)

Le Petit Skunk purchases help reforest regions that need it most by planting 3 trees for every purchase!

*Ask your doctor before use if pregnant or nursing. Patch test for skin sensitivity.*